dinsdag 29 mei 2007

glue London creates first personalised mobile to mobile video application for the Royal Navy www.getthemessage.net

glue say: “This application is part of the 2007 Navy recruitment campaign.
The idea was to showcase the breadth of jobs available within the Royal Navy. We thought it would be good if we could create an application for mobile phones as they are the natural media choice for our target audience:
15-24 year olds.

We really wanted to try something new in this space as we haven't seen any advertising that has really got us excited on handsets yet. The result is www.getthemessage.net We think it's a first of its kind, a bespoke video application, allowing users to send personalised video messages to each other via both e-mail and to each others handsets using a variety of Royal Navy hardware from Sea King helicopters to submarines, dive boats and even Royal Marine Commandos.
The mapping of the messages into the video took absolutely ages with the working out of a hell of a lot of ridiculous maths-type equations.
It has just launched. Give it a go.”

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