dinsdag 28 augustus 2007

Why You Should Sign Up For A Picasa Account

You may be asking, “What is Picasa?”

Picasa is Google’s photo album feature. It isn’t as popular as Flickr, owned by Yahoo, but it's just as essential because as more and more people go online and learn to make vertical searches, they will look for photos. Here’s how to use Picasa for SEO purposes related to your business:
  • Make a list of your most searched for keywords
  • Take a handful of photos for each keyword that best captures the essence or spirit of what they keyword is
    about as related to your business
  • Open a Picasa account and upload your best photos for each keyword
  • Make sure that you group each of photos associated with a particular keyword into an album using that
    keyword as the album’s title
  • In your album description, describe the nature of your photos as they relate to your business and try to word it so that it sells a benefit to potential customers. Include the URL of your website (Picasa as of right now doesn’t allow you link externally, but if you include your URL in the description then people who view your photo albums at least have an URL that they can copy/paste to find out more information about your business
  • Take the next step and add captions to each of your photos in the photo albums. Make sure each photo caption includes your important keywords

This is an important step in your SEO strategy because of Google Universal. While Picasa may not be extremely important right now, Google is moving in that direction. Once Google Universal moves out of beta and more people learn to incorporate it into their search habits then you’ll want your business to appear in as many vertical searches as possible. When searchers look for your important keywords and search under photos they will find your photo albums in Picasa for each keyword that they search for. Do this now and you’ll have a head start on your competition.

Bron: http://www.searchengineoptimizationjournal.com

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