vrijdag 10 augustus 2007

Fay’s New Way - Carat Combines with Digital Agency

While its recent reorganization might look like the tail wagging the dog—or an Internet takeover—Carat’s new boss, Sara Fay promises traditional media will be respected at the media agency.

Last week, media buyer Carat USA and its interactive sibling, Carat Fusion, were combined under Ms. Fay, who continues as head of Carat Isobar USA, parent company Aegis Group’s digital marketing company. Scott Sorokin, president of Carat Fusion, was named president of Carat.

Ms. Fay conceded some at Carat probably had concerns about the new structure.
“I think the first reaction is one of surprise,” she said. “There is that fear of, ‘Oh my God, are the digital people coming to take over our business? Is my job irrelevant?’”
She also wanted to assure people outside Carat that the new structure didn’t mean a big shift in how the agency would be spending its clients’ money.
“Let the TV industry know that this move is about making TV more accountable and more impactful,” she said. “It’s not about cutting into budgets.”

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