vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

35 voorbeelden corporate social media

Met dank aan Sandra, superhandig en inspirerend overzicht van social media ingezet voor marketing en communicatie:
klikt u maar hier door naar Mashable!

We’ve discussed some tactics to get your company better engaged with social media. Lest you think there’s a limit to how you can connect with business and customer facing audiences, we’ve assembled this list of more than 35 companies who are experimenting with social media in a host of different ways.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and it represents a wide variety of businesses, industries and social media tools. As you can see, engagement takes many forms. Some are likely to generate more discussions with the company while others might result better connections between customers. Some will fade away over the next 6-12 months while others will continue to grow and evolve.

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